Managing Partner

Suyong Park

Suyong is a managing partner of Block Crafters. Before he founded Block Crafters, he was a director of Cognitive Investment and before Cognitive Investment, he was COO of Dayli Finance Group, where he managed numbers of acquisition of blockchain companies, including Coinone, Nomad Conncection, Leevi, Solidware, and so on.

B.S. in Industrial Engineering, Minor in Bioscience and management, KAIST


Joony Koo

Joony is a partner of Block Crafters, and focuses on business development. Prior to that, he was head of Global Business at Com2uS, where he developed data-driven game and adopted Free-2-play. As a angel investor, he invested in Next Match(Amanda).

B.A. in English Literature and Business Administration, HUFS

Partner / M.D.

HyunSick Choi

As a founder of Soso Media Lab, one of the largest blockchain media in Korea, Hyunsik(Soso) is a renowned influencer in Korea. With over 44,000 followers and subscribers, Hyunsik is dedicated delivering valuable and substantiated market information. Previously, he was a medical doctor.

B.A. in Medicine, Inje University College of Medicine


Eugene Joo

Eugene is based in San Francisco and has extensive software development experiences in Seoul and the Bay Area including Nextdoor, Salesforce, NEXON, NC Soft, and Enuma. He received Masters degree from UC Berkeley, where he won Hackathon grand prize with “Worldwide remittance system based on Bitcoin” in 2013.

M.S. in Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley
B.S. in Computer Science, KAIST

Partner / Attorney-at-Law

Narae Lee

Narae is a legal partner at Block Crafters. Previously she worked at eBay Korea, Kiwoom Securities and Kakao Page where she worked on finance regulations. During her Master’s she wrote a thesis for “A study on the legal characteristics on the Virtual Currency”.

M.A. in Law, Seoul National University
B.A in Law, Yonsei University


Hoon Song

Prior to join Block Crafters, Hoon founded Perples, an IoT startup, acquired by Yello Mobile in 2014. After the acquisition, he worked as an in-house consultant for subsidiaries of Yello Mobile.

B.A. in Business Economics, UC Santa Barbara


Byung-Hoon Chung

Byung-hoon is a partner at Block Crafters. He co-founded Perples, an IoT startup, acquired by Yello Mobile. He is a winner of Red Dot Design Awards in 2010, and published a paper on search engine optimization while in KAIST for Master’s degree.

M.Sc. in Innovation and Technology Management, Magna Laude, KAIST
B.Sc. in Management Engineering, Cum Laude, KAIST

Partner / Ph.D.

Seungyoung Lee

Seungyoung received Ph.D from KAIST for Network Theory. Then, he became a business manager of Remember, a professional social networking service. He joined Block Crafters to design and evaluate token economy.

Ph.D. in Innovation and Technology Management, KAIST


Gunhee Lee

Gunhee is a consultant at Block Crafters. Before Block Crafters, he worked as a team leader at Shift, where he managed early stage startup investment and acceleration.

B.A. in Psychology, Emory University

Marketing Manger

Seohee park

Seohee is a marketing manger in IMC division. Previously, she was a manager at Gyeongsang National University.

B.S. in Marketing, Donga University

Head of Media Division

SoonYool Kwon

Soonyool is a head of Media division at Block Crafters. Before he joined, he was founding member of Soso Media Lab.

B.A. in Marketing managment, University of Manila


Seungkyu Noh

Seungkyu is a designer at Block Crafters. He has 2+ years of experiences as a designer.

B.F.A. in Spatial Design, College of Design, Kookmin University

Media Production Manager

Wangmin Youn

Wangmin is a media production manager in Media division. Prior to that, he was a CG manager at AVICON and a broadcasting illustrator at CGNTV.

B.A. in Visual Graphic Design, Induk University

Media Production Manager

SangHyun Eom

Sanghyun, known as Social Save, is a famous cryptocurrency blogger in Korea. He is a blockchain influencer and columnist. Currently, he is a media production manager in Media division.

B.A. in Economics, Kookmin University (expected)

Head of IMC Division

Juno Kim

Juno is head of Integreted Marketing Communication division. He operated many community himself and is skillful with community management. Before joining Block Crafters, he worked for Morgan Stanley Korea.

Senior Consultant

Seonggwan Lee

Seonggwan is a senior consultant at Block Crafters. He researched the optimization algorithm for manufacturing system-on-chip and worked for LG Electronics. He has experiences with various projects in broad industries including mobile, IoT and O2O.

M.A. Electric engineering in KAIST
B.S. Electric engineering in KAIST

Team Manager

Jeonga Kang

Jeonga Kang is a Team Manger in Operations division. Previously, she worked at ITCEN where she worked for General affairs personnel and Management Planning.

B.A. in Political Diplomacy, Kyunghee University

Business Manager

Yuri Choi

Yuri Choi is a Business Manager at Block Crafters. Before joining Block Crafters, she had been managing numerous projects and businesses as BD/project manager while she worked for LG and Remember.

B.A. in Public Administration, Yonsei University

Associate Director

Hyunwoo Joo

Hyunwoo Joo is a Associate Director in IMC division. Previously, he was in charge of sales planning at Mujin Electronics, a distributor for Samsung Semiconductor.

B.A. in Physics, Kyunghee University

Camera Director and Video Editor

Hong il Yun

Hong il Yun is a Camera Director and Video Editor in Media division. Prior to join,
he worked as a Camera Director at MBC(Munhwa Broadcasting Corp).

B.A. in Communication Design, Sahmyook University

Head of Operations division

Junho Kang

Junho Kang is a head of Operations division at Block Crafters. He has longstanding management and financial operation experiences at Nanali Studios and HSBC Seoul.

B.A. in Public Administration, University Of Seoul

Senior Consultant

Hugo Lee

Hugo Lee is a senior consultant of Block Crafters. Prior to join Block Crafters, he developed new business Idea and conducted scenario planning in GS Caltex future strategy team. Before that, he worked in alternative investment field focused on abroad PEF and real estate at Korea Asset Investment Securities. His first business experience was designing power plant system at Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction.

M.B.A. in Finance, SKK GSB
B.S. in Electric engineering, KAIST

Senior Consultant

Michael Park

Michael Park is a senior consultant at Block Crafters. Prior to join, Michael co-founded and was CEO of B&K, an IT/beauty start-up. He also worked as a team leader at Perples, an IOT start-up, and as senior researcher at SMI, consulting government and defense industry companies.

M.S. in Managment Engineering, Consumer Behavior, KAIST
B.A. in Managment Engineering, KAIST


Haebin Lee

Haebin Lee is a Researcher at Block Crafters. Previously she worked as R.A at Boston Consulting Group, Cheil Worldwide (a marketing agency of Samsung Group) and LG CNS.

M.A. in International Business / Strategic Management, Yonsei University (Expected)
B.A in Business Administration, Yonsei University